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"Allie is a very talented rider and coach who brings a great deal of knowledge, patience and fun to her lessons and her horses." - Sherry Jackson

"Allie is a very skilled and confident rider and trainer who understands how horse and rider relate to each other. She provides praise, encouragement, as well as constructive criticism for riders and horses of all levels.  Your comfort level and skills will only improve with Allie as your coach." - Tracey and Tony Pignatiello

"Shortly before starting lessons with Allie I had almost given up on my horse Stuart. After years of lessons and training with other coaches we no longer seemed to be progressing, he began bolting, his attitude was awful and I felt his career as a dressage horse was done. With Allie's guidance we begin progressing rapidly, within a few short weeks his movement, conditioning and attitude transformed. We went from barely being able to put together a first level test to schooling third level with confidence. Her straightforward and positive approach to teaching makes her a wonderful coach, she is always engaged within the lesson, and explains the theory and method to movements and corrections. Her approach focuses on long term goals and constructive training rather than only mastering a single movement, setting both you and your horse up for success. I couldn't recommend her enough." - Shelby Doherty

"I approached Allie Schmidt Dressage because I was looking to change riding discipline and further develop an accurate and progressive riding program for both myself and my horse.  Allie Schmidt has helped me be educating me on the basics of classical dressage.  The result was a noticeable, systematic progression from basics to novice to now advanced riding techniques.  One thing I like about Allie is her encouraging, positive and supportive coaching style.  I began showing at training level and worked my way up to now showing first level.  We review test scores and evaluate where to focus our training for our next show.  The improvements are measurable through the Dressage Canada tests.  I have found the experience to be very helpful for my horse and I as we have come a far way in a very short period of time and are continuing to be increasingly successful at each show.  I would recommend Allie Schmidt Dressage for those looking for a measurable successful development for both horse and rider." - Tara Korn