Available for a wide variety of services including sales, training, showing & coaching

ASD is based out of the beautiful Winterwood Farms just outside of St. Jacobs.

We offer many different services to cater to a variety of individual horses and riders


Allie has had experience working with many different horses from different breeds and backgrounds and with different goals using a dressage base to help them develop to their fullest potential. You are welcome to ship in for lessons or training or board your horse here for full and partial training programs. You can visit the Winterwood Farms website to see more about the facility and accommodations. Through training programs we also have the ability to ship to and from shows and/or clinics to allow a well rounded program. Refer to the ABOUT tab to read about Allie's experience in the equestrian world. 

Learn to Ride Program:

Ensuring the future of the sport is very important to us here at ASD. The best way to ensure there is a future for the sport is to develop young riders from the beginning. A solid rider later has a good foundation and ASD works hard to do just that. Saturday mornings are for group kids' lessons, please contact for details and to fit into a lesson.


Allie has had experience coaching riders from many different backgrounds who are working towards many different goals. Whether you are seeking to improve your riding and relationship with your horse or have aim towards the competition ring we can develop a program to suit your needs. ASD is currently present at most of the Cornerstone Dressage show series out of Caledon Equestrian Park as well as Conestoga and Glanbrook area CADORA series. Off site coaching is an option within reasonable distance and travel costs added to lesson prices. Ship in to the facility here at Winterwood is also an option. If you do not own a horse but would still like to ride, we have a few well schooled horses here to learn on from training level ponies to Small tour masters. Part boarding options can also be arranged. If you are interested in coming from out of town we are happy to accommodate and have had students from through out Ontario as well as international guests.


If you have a horse that is looking for a new home, ASD is happy to help in having the horse in training, showing horses and marketing. Please CONTACT to discuss a program that best suits you and your horse. If you are looking to purchase a horse ASD is happy to assist in finding and trying horses that are best suited to you and your goals. 


If you are interested in hosting a clinic with Allie at your farm please contact her through the CONTACT page to discuss details such as travel, accommodations and fees. I am happy to and have experience in applying dressage principles to help horses in all disciplines improve (hunter, jumper, western, fox hunting... etc). 



A fit for both the beginner & the competitive rider

Schooling should be a consistent experience that makes sense to both the horse and rider. I train my clients to work alongside each individual horse's natural talents in order to maximize their abilities and performance. As a psychology major, I like to use the natural way a horse and a rider learn to make the training logical. I am very insistant on getting the horse 'out of the sandbox' and utilize a variety of cross-training methods paired with poles, cavaletti, jumps, and trails. I believe that first and foremost, a horse must be completely relaxed and enjoy his work in order to properly understand the tasks that are being asked of him. As a University level student in Psychology I also use a lot of this knowledge to make learning easier for both the horse and rider.

I have an extensive experience in many disciplines including driving, vaulting, jumper, hunter, fox hunting, eventing, mounted games, and jousting. I love to combine these different experiences along with classical techniques to ensure a correct training focus that is fun for both the horse and rider. 


A Few Words From ASD Clients...

"Allie is a very skilled and confident rider and trainer who understands how horse and rider relate to each other. She provides praise, encouragement, as well as constructive criticism for riders and horses of all levels.  Your comfort level and skills will only improve with Allie as your coach." - Tracey Pignatiello


"Shortly before starting lessons with Allie I had almost given up on my horse Stuart. After years of lessons and training with other coaches we no longer seemed to be progressing, he began bolting, his attitude was awful and I felt his career as a dressage horse was done. With Allie's guidance we begin progressing rapidly, within a few short weeks his movement, conditioning and attitude transformed. We went from barely being able to put together a first level test to schooling third level with confidence. Her straightforward and positive approach to teaching makes her a wonderful coach, she is always engaged within the lesson, and explains the theory and method to movements and corrections. Her approach focuses on long term goals and constructive training rather than only mastering a single movement, setting both you and your horse up for success. I couldn't recommend her enough." - Shelby Doherty